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Yoga Music online

Yoga Music for Adults and Kids on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and More

If you looking for yoga music to use and listen to with your kids. 

Go to the Album Menkas Sound of Music and click on

Eagle in the Nest (great of Eagle pose, focus and stillness)

Im a Mindful Warrior (great for Warrior poses and balance and gratefulness)

Stay Still (great for Tree pose and learning silence and stillness of mind) 

Happy Brain Song (great for learning about the good happy hormones we release and why)

Sun Salutations Song (learn the sun salutations mantras and meaning)

What time is it (learning about mindfulness, being present and knowing thyself)

For those who want to go deeper:

Monkey Meditation song (great for Meditation and the meaning of Meditation)

Yoga Meaning (the meanings of yoga from Sanskrit text)

Yama and Niyama (learn some yoga philosophy in the form of a song)

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