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Helping kids find the calm

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Poses that help us calm 🙂

I never thought that this pose ( inspired by half bound lotus) would be used for calming. I guess because just trying to touch the toes can be so stressful for some. Half the children tell me they cant reach and I ask them to place their hands anywhere on their legs( usually they can reach the shins) until they practice more.

It’s one of those poses that I found boring or stressful in my yoga journey until I understood it’s immense benefits. If we lengthen the spine correctly, then its like a back bend in a forward bend.

Many of us relate yoga to de stressing and this is one of those poses that taught me to stay calm and still. Try holding it for a few mins than u normally might and even resting the head on a pillow.

This little girl 👧🏽 was telling me that her spine is very straight and long.

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