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Practicing joy in friendship

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Kids yoga classes are filled with life lessons!

n the yoga sutras (yoga text), there’s a mention of achieving mental peace through 4 virtues, two of them are Maitri and Mudita. Friendship and joy. For me these are virtues but also skills! Interpretations are many. My favorite is the ability to delight in someone’s good character and success. Makes me happy to see children want to help each other learn instead of competing. How often do we go to a yoga class and feel less than or more than someone in a pose. Here is another perspective- feeling mudita/ joy in another’s achievement or showing Maitri/ friendship when someone struggles. @bling.ruhi very proud of Athena’s warmth and forth comingness. A wonderful reflection of her parents too!

Picture taken from a class in hk in May

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