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Menka Yoga Pose

Hello  &  🙏🏼

My name is Menka and I practice and share my love for yoga. Though I will teach anyone sincere to learn, I specialise in teaching yoga to children and teens. Ethnically Indian, I was born in a family where I saw yoga and naturopathy used everyday as part of growing.  Having moved from Hong Kong where I had a dance and yoga school, I feel I make a subject often deemed serious and only for adults, child and teen friendly.  My classes are filled with yoga poses using stories, games, props, songs, activities and arts and crafts activities. My students learn about yoga anatomy, yoga mindfulness, yoga history, meditation, breathing for self regulation, lots of handstands, going upside down and more importantly the power of practice and the poses.


The benefits of yoga are as deep and vast as the ocean; self confidence, awareness, balance, body coordination, discipline, connection, strength, flexibility, mobility, endurance, vitality, alignment, range of motion, a good posture, a healthy spine, relaxation, empathy, friendship, kindness, focus, alertness and concentration. It is a wonderful tool to use to manage stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, memory retention and our overall health and wellbeing. We are learning to stretch and strengthen the body and the mind. 

Yoga teacher for Schools
Menka headstand
Yoga at Summer Camp
Yoga at Niagara Falls
Yoga in the desert
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