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Sassy Mama, Hong Kong

Mum of two, Menka believes that yoga isn’t just about poses. Her classes for children cover yoga philosophy, human anatomy, physical yoga, songs, games, mindfulness and meditation. Some of our Sassy Juniors have attended her classes and they came back absolutely hooked onto the world of yoga!

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Little Steps, Hong Kong

The World of Yoga School - Kids Yoga by Menka offers classes and camps to students in Hong Kong. Her bespoke classes and camps, follow various themes, and focus on traditional yoga as well as yoga anatomy and Sanskrit through fun meditations, stories, songs, and arts and crafts.


Over 40's Podcast

Menka Purswaney  spent her early years in Taipei and later completed High School in Hong Kong.   Menka studied  Interior Design at Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid. When Menka was 26 she went to live for a year in an ashram in India.  Upon her return whilst still practicing design she started teaching children Yoga Philosophy.  For the last 14 years Menka has been working with kids. In 2017 she combined her knowledge of the history of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, together with yoga poses and anatomy to launch  “The World of Yoga School for Kids!”  for children aged three and upwards.

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Written by Callum Laing Posted on September 19, 2020 - 7 min read


Why Kids Yoga isn't common written by Menka Purswaney

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Music on Spotify:  Menka's Sound of Yoga 


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