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Menka discovered yoga as a child watching her grandparents and parents practice at home. As a child, she was diagnosed with severe asthma and was told it was incurable.  After her first few yoga sessions, she felt she had new lungs and after 10 days at a yoga institute in India the asthma never came back.  Menka’s yoga study training is a combination of studying Vedanta at Chinmaya Mission Hong Kong/ Chennai, her certification through YogaWorks and her studies at Iyengar Yoga Hong Kong where she regularly assisted in medical yoga classes.  Menka has lived in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Spain, India and now Canada (Vancouver) where she speaks all the respective languages and has taught yoga to children, teenagers and adults.  Menka believes yoga is for anyone at any age and level of health.  Her passion is children's yoga and adult yoga therapy to help prevent and manage illness.

The adult classes address needs such as stiff and tight backs, shoulders, necks, hamstrings, and hip flexors.  For those who are sitting for hours, looking to prevent injuries, get stronger, get healthier spines, improve digestion, respiration, circulation and improve women/ men's health.  Her classes are a mix of stretch, strength and stress -release, looking at improving overall mental and physical health through yoga.  Contact Menka for more information.

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