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Testimonials from the Grown Up Kids

Mum of 7 and 4 year old

While anyone can teach kids yoga poses, intertwining it with the concept of anatomy and physiology and breaking it down to simplistic everyday relatable rituals is what Menka does seamlessly.My kids went into the class with  very basic knowledge of the above  and came back curious and hungry for more. They cannot wait to go back to the next session already!

Adarsh Sinha, Father of 3 year old girl

Our three-year old daughter had a wonderful week attending the yoga workshop with Menka. While she does a regular weekly yoga practice, it was clear from our conversations with her that she learnt so many new aspects beyond the poses – including breathing and anatomy. Keeping kids engaged for a 2 hour class is never easy, yet Menka does it effortlessly through storytelling, artwork and  games. Yoga can be great fun for kids and we highly recommend her classes!

Pratik Vyas, Father of 3 year old

Menka is great with kids and specially knows how to engage the toddlers who are easily distracted. My 3 year old son is full of energy and the yoga workshop was fun and educational for him. He learned new skills, poses and was introduced to concepts like the importance of breathing and calming your mind. He shows me a new pose everyday and asks me if I can copy him. He has surprised me with his knowledge about bones and questions about the brain - Menka teaches the kids about anatomy . Highly recommend for kids of all ages but specially for the little ones.

Father of two boys aged 7 and 4

This was our first attempt at Yoga lessons for our two highly energetic boys during the winter break. Menka’s classes are very well thought through and organised which clearly illustrate her genuine interest and hard work in preparing for them. With a mix of activities, crafts, knowledge/ fact sharing and of course exercises, the lessons truly piqued the interest of our boys towards yoga. The fact that the kids were eager for their next lesson summed it all. Best wishes!

Eden, Mother of 5 year old girl

My daughter was delighted to be welcomed into a warm space by Menka for a fantastic and educational Yoga experience.  She was taught not only many new and traditional positions of Yoga, but also the foundations and history of the practice, as well as lessons in anatomy, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, breathing, and posture. All classes were taught in a way children can connect with through drawing, singing, and storytelling. It was a joy to hear her excitement as she shared with me what she learned every day when I picked her up. Weeks later she is still doing the learned poses and breathing techniques at home. An exceptional experience for both her and me and I look forward to her joining another class as soon as we can.

Teacher from Kellett School with 2 girls

Menka is an exceptional yoga teacher whose passion for yoga is contagious!! 
My daughters loved their yoga camp with her and came home every day full of excitement and stories about what they had learnt in class. I was impressed with Menka’s ability to make  yoga theory and the asanas child -friendly and fun. Both girls thoroughly enjoyed their yoga camp and keep asking when they can do it again!! I would highly recommend Menka’s yoga camp to all kids!!!

Sonia Samtani, Hynotherapy Trainer and Owner of All About You

It's people like Menka @kidsyogabymenka who do preventative work in childhood to give children the awareness, so that they don't need to see a therapist for remedial work in the future.

Madhu Mirpuri - Mum of a 6 and 8 yr  old boy and girl

The yoga/meditation class with Menka @kidsyogabymenka was T and V's favourite class over the summer. Menka is a phenomenal and engaging teacher and the kids have learned a lot! Not only are the kids teaching me yoga poses but they are  teaching me the names of the poses in Sanskrit! A great class to help the kids with mindfulness and flexibility.

Dr. Sutinder  Bindra, M.D

Menka is an inspiring young teacher as she not only leads the way with yogic poses, but is also articulate and explains the logic behind the poses. She maintains flexibility and has an awareness that adults and elderly come with their unique limitations, unlike a group of children. My session with her was most enjoyable and provided me an inspiration to explore  this discipline to remain physically and mentally fit.

Mom  and  Owner  - Lavulous  Workshop

Menka is an amazing teacher who is both knowledgeable and passionate about what she teaches. The kids love her classes and learn so much from the lessons. They come back reciting songs and defining terms they have learnt and all the things taught are so applicable to everyday life so the kids gain so much from it.
Thank you once again Menka, my kids are keen for the next workshop you host.

Joanne, Mother of  6 year  old boy

Thank you Menka! I've been trying to sign up my boy for classes and there's always some resistance.The turning point came when he came to your yoga classes. He learnt so much from you and he wasn't reluctant to go!

Rohini Manohar (Founder of Chennai Yoga Studio)

When depth meets passion, love meets laughter and fun meets learning - the confluence is a space where magic happens. Menka creates spaces like that where children delve deeper into themselves - by learning yoga, it’s philosophy and even the anatomy of the body.

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