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Behavior management and health

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

This is his fake angry face 😡 don’t be concerned 😂

It’s great to see more and more of those who love pill popping, considering a natural way of healing the body and mind, an approach that’s more “whole” that deals with strengthening the body at a musculoskeletal level, but also a cellular level through breath and mental level through meditation in motion and stillness of the mind. I post this pic today because he is not angry, he is three and knows how to pretend to be hulk 🤭. He is making an angry face. But he is learning that anger is one aspect of the mind. It happens to all, “as long as we don’t hurt ourselves or others, it’s ok, we can feel it and let it go.” We were also discussing twisting and what it’s doing to the digestive organs.

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