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Kids yoga Vancouver

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Thursday Weekly kids yoga classes in Vancouver have commenced!

Sign up your child today! A chance for children to learn meditation, poses galore, the stories behind poses, calming the mind and why our choices are important. Here is a kid doing #karnapidasana. Some call it karnas earrings, basically karna means ears in Sanskrit but the pose reminds us of karna a celebrated character. Karna was a warrior, brave and skillful at archery. He was also born from the sun and so he shined because like the sun he was generous and brilliant. Long story short he was truly amazing until he chose some friends that weren’t exactly standing for what’s right. ( all good has shades of grey) He remained great and kept his words. There’s more ….This pose strengths the back and brings blood flow to the head and even the abdominal area where the majority of our organs are.

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